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NEW ! Transnational conference - 1st February 2008 in Douai (F)

From awareness-raising actions to commitment process…

Friday 1 February 2008 – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Hotel-Restaurant VOLUBILIS - Douai (F)

vendredi 21 décembre 2007

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« Only acting is committing ». Jean-Léon Beauvois, psycho-sociologist, University of Nice (F)


In the field of waste prevention, effective behaviour change remains a crucial issue, if tangibles and long-lasting results are expected.

Therefore, what should be done to induct daily environmentally-friendly conducts ? And what should be done to lead citizens to concretely, but freely, adjust their purchasing and general consumption habits beyond simple declarations of intention, which are often vain ?
Several decades of research show that it is possible to influence someone’s convictions, choices ands acts without resorting to authority nor to persuasion : that is the « psychology of the commitment ».
This technique is nowadays frequently used to favour citizen’s support and to mobilize them for the cause of road safety, fighting against overweight or alcoholism, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. It also contributes to develop consumer’s loyalty in the frame of a commercial approach.
Each of these applications allow the development of particular strategies and tools that could be adapted and transferred to the waste prevention issues.

The conference will thus be lead as follows :

- the morning will be dedicated to the presentation of success commitment stories ;
- in the afternoon, participants will take part in a “World café” workshop, in order to debate and produce adapted best practices in the framework of waste reduction campaigns.

It is firstly aimed at local authorities elected representatives and technicians, NGOs, research departments and consultants, who are already involved in developing waste prevention strategies or willing to gain new knowledge and know-how in that field.

French/English translation will be provided.

The final programme of the conference will be available in January 2008.


The enrolment costs for the day are 30 euros, all taxes included, and including the meal and the working documents.
Every enrolment request will be registered upon receipt of this sum on the account of Espace Environnement n° 523-0800556-90, bank Triodos, BIC code : TRIOBE91, IBAN code : BE34 5230 8005 5690 with the communication “Inscription conference REDUCE Douai”.

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Hotel-Restaurant VOLUBILIS
Douai Centre
Boulevard Vauban
F - 59500 DOUAI
Tel : + 33.(0)
Fax : + 33.(0)

The hotel is located in the city centre of Douai, close to the TGV railway station (5’ away) and the « Gayant Expo » exhibition center.

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